Important Points To Note Down About Bridal Hair And Makeup

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Wedding day is the most special day in every body’s life especially for woman. Whether anybody agrees or not but one thing is for sure that every woman has dreamt at least once in her lifetime about her wedding day. She has thought about the kind of dress she would wear and the hairdo she would have. The bride never compromises with her look no matter if the wedding ceremony is the lavish one or is the extremely intimate affair. Moreover, there is nothing wrong in the girl trying to get ready in an extra special way for the most special day of her life for her special someone. There are various types and kinds of makeup which can be done on your wedding day; some prefer light and natural look while others go for heavy makeup. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the important points which are worthy to be noted down about bridal hair and makeup in Sydney. 

Bridal makeup:

It is always better to get the bridal makeup done before doing her hairdo because hairdo can get distorted or messy while doing makeup. One interesting fact about bridal makeup around the world is that the brides from the eastern side of the world prefer heavy makeup while the brides from the western side of the world prioritize lighter makeup but still there are obviously are some variations. If you are looking for soft makeup then you should begin with extremely light foundation with a light touch of blush on. Dark shade of lipstick with lighter combination of eye shades can give you fully fledged bridal makeup. However, if you want heavy bridal makeup then you can go with bolder eye makeup along with matte lipstick.

Bridal hair:

Bridal hairdo is done after getting her makeup done. The kind of a hairdo that is made is mostly collaborated with the type a wedding dress that the bride is wearing. The simpler and elegant wedding dresses demand intricate and extraordinary hairstyle while a loose hairstyle can be suited with heavy wedding dress.

Bridal hair and makeup:

The charges of bridal hair and makeup can definitely cost more than the regular makeup and hairdo because it requires more effort and time. It is recommended to book your appointment for bridal hair and makeup atleast two to three months before your wedding date. Moreover, it would be better if the bride goes for trial makeup and hairdo before actual bridal hair and makeup.


Different salons have different set price for bridal hair and makeup services. In addition to that, their pre-bridal packages also differ accordingly. The charges of the bridal hair and makeup are definitely more than the charges of party makeup or hairdo. “Solace hair Sydney” offers the best services of bridal hair and makeup; along with that they offer wide range of packages for hair dyes and facial massages both for men and women.

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